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We are conveniently located at 67 Princes Street, Ardrossan. North Ayrshire, close to Ardrossan Train Station and main Bus Stops and within walking distance of Ardrossan South Beach, Ardrossan Harbour and the  Arran Ferry Terminal.

At Splash Sport Fishing Tackle and Bait, we sell Rods, Reels, Terminal Fishing Tackle, and Angling  Accessories for all types of Fishing from Okuma, Gemini, Breakaway, Imax, Abu, Savage Gear, Mitchell, Ron Thompson, Rovex, Penn, Shakespeare, Jarvis Walker, Greys, Tsunami,  and many more leading Fishing Tackle Manufacturers. 
We stock a wide range of  Sea, Coarse, Carp, Pike and Fly Fishing Tackle.
we have Saltwater Rods, Beachcasters, Shore Rods, Pier Rods, Boat Fishing Rods, Spinning Rods and Kayak rods available in-store all year round in a range of lengths and casting weights to suit the Shore Angler, Boat Sea Angler or those who prefer Spin Fishing. 
Sea Fishing Reels are also available in a range of sizes and prices to suit everyone's budget, Fixed Spool reels and Multiplier Reels from Top Fishing Brands for beginners or Seasoned Anglers.
There are Rods and Reels to suit all budgets, and there are Regular Combo Deals available to help the angler get more Fishing Tackle and Accessories for his / her budget.
For the Freshwater / Coarse Angler there are also many Different types of Fishing Rods to choose from, Carp Rods, Float Rods, Feeder Rods, Pike Rods, Ledgering Rods, Match Rods, Spin Fishing Rods, etc. in a broad selection of Lengths and Strengths to suit the type of Fishing the Angler prefers or the Species of Fish the Angler is targeting.
And For the Fly / Game Angler there is also a selection of Rods, Reels, Combo's and kits in many different sizes to suit all budgets.
We also sell an extensive range of Fishing Lines from Leading manufacturers, for Sea Fishing, Freshwater and Fly / Game Fishing, from Lightweight Breaking Strains to Heavy Duty Specimen / Game Fishing Monofilaments. Shock leaders, Braid, Fluorocarbons, Leaders, Predator Traces, Fly Fishing Lines, Floating, Sinking, Intermediate, etc.  
For All types of Lure Fishing, Saltwater Fishing, Freshwater, Coarse, Lake or River Fishing, there are many types of lures available, we have Spinners and Spoons in many colours, shapes, and sizes suitable for Sea and Coarse Fishing, There are hard Body Lures, Jointed Lures, Rattling Lures, Shads, Worms, Eels, Weedless Lures, Predator Lures, too many to list, but there will be one to suit the anglers needs whatever type of fishing.
For Carp and Coarse Fishing we stock popular Quality attractants. Tasty aromatic products to entice the anglers targeted species, we have a broad selection of Groundbaits, Boilies, Pellets, Particle Mixes, Hemp Mixes, Additives, and attractants, from Brand Leaders Van Den Eynde, Crafty Catcher, etc.  Suitable For Carp, Bream, Roach, Tench, Perch, Barbel.....We also sell live baits such as Worm and Maggot, Caster is also available.
For the Predator Angler wether, they are fishing for freshwater predators or Saltwater Predators We offer a wide choice of Quality Frozen Dead Baits.
Our Live Sea Bait, Ragworm, and Lugworm are of the highest quality and are responsibly and sustainably sourced, the demand for these baits is High, so we recommend that if you require either Ragworm or Lugworm forward ordering by telephone to secure your order.


Splash Sport Fishing Tackle and Bait was founded in 2000 and since our first day in business we have been building a broad selection of Fishing Products and merchandise.

We do our best to ensure a permanent variety of fantastic deals along with unique limited and Seasonal offers to fit any budget.

Splash Sport Fishing Tackle and Bait is a Family run business.  Old School service and quality merchandise is what we are all about, We source exactly what you need and work with our suppliers to get the best possible prices, and we pass on our savings along to our customers.

We’re driven by our dedication to providing a friendly service. We can’t help but smile with pride every time someone walks into our store excited about the great selection and walks out satisfied. It means we’ve done our job right.
Come on over and visit our shop in Ardrossan and say Hi in person or contact us on Facebook, Google or Instagram

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