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Baitrunner Fishing Reels

Baitrunner reels are a favourite with Carp and Pike anglers.
The advantage of using a Baitrunner reel is that it allows the angler to fish live baits smoothly without having to flip the bail arm and loose line or get in a tangle.

Baitrunner reels are designed with two drag systems.

The lever at the back of the reel is used to engage the secondary drag system. Using this lever creates a controlled free-spool that allows the fish to take a bait and run with it without feeling the resistance of the light drag.

The secondary drag can be adjusted by turning the drag knob on the bottom of the reel to stop the reel from unspooling.

Once the fish has taken your bait you can pick up your rod and by simply turning the reel handle. Oce the handle is turned the secondary drag disengages and the main drag takes over allowing you to set the hook.

We stock Baitrunner from brands such as Prologic, Shimano, Okuma, Dam and Mitchell.

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