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Carp and Coarse Fishing Line

    Once you have your Rod and Reel your next choice is Line. Whether you are Carp or Coarse fishing you will want the appropriate line for the job.
    There are many different types of lines to choose from the three main types of lines are, Monofilament, Fluorocarbon and Braid.

    If you are Coarse fishing for species such as perch and rudd, lines between 1-5lb are ideal. For larger species, Bream, Chub, etc. you will need lines between 5-10lb to give you the chance of landing your fish.
    For Carp fishing, you will need heavier breaking strains of line. Whichever type you choose to keep you connected to the fish you are fighting and hopefully land a personal best.

    Monofilament (mono) is the least expensive of these lines. Monofilament lines are abrasion-resistant lines, the single strand nylon construction of these lines gives the angler a line that will stretch which will absorb the shock of aggressive takes. Perfect for the beginner. Monofilament lines come in a wide range of breaking strains and colours.

    Fluorocarbon is denser than monofilament, this line has the same refractive index as water making it almost invisible underwater, perfect for easily spooked fish. Fluorocarbon line sinks fast, is generally memory free and is a very sensitive line.


    Braid, this line is made from multiple fibres welded together. Braid line offers incredible strength with a small diameter, perfect for harder fighting fish. Braid line is more visible than Monofilament and Fluorocarbon, however, it is produced in a limited variety of colours some of which are designed for camouflage to suit the underwater vegetation. Braid is a favourite among Carp anglers.

    Whichever type of fishing line you choose to use, along with your mainline you will want to make sure your hook lengths are are also of a suitable breaking strain.
    Consider the species you are fishing for. As with all types of fishing, smaller species such as roach and perch will require lighter line. Larger species such as Tench and Bream will require lines with a breaking strain of around 5-10lb. Heavier lines are used for specimen Carp and Pike.

    Dedicated lines for Carp fishing are available, these lines are more expensive than standard Fishing lines, for beginners using standard lines will be just as effective.

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