Coarse Fishing Baits

We stock a wide range of High Quality Groundbaits,  Pellets, Boilies, Bait Dips, Particles and Additives from 'Van Den Eynde', Crafty Catcher, Ringers, etc.

There are lots of different Flavors / Scents and Colours across the range tailored to attracting specific Fish Species throughout the seasons.
Sweet and Savoury Particles, Additives and Boilies, Bright Fish attracting colours, varying sizes of Pellets, allow greater choice for the Coarse / Carp Angler.
If you favour one particular Bait or prefer to mix and match your colors and flavours you will find lots to choose from.
Our Particle Baits are supplied in re-sealable carry tubs which are ideal for keeping the particles fresh if you are just fishing for a short session.
We also sell short session Boilie packs which allows you to pick and mix on a budget.
For the Angler who prefers to fish with Live Bait or add movement to Bait mixes we stock Maggots and Worms.
Maggot Casters are also available.
There is always someone available to give help and advice when choosing your baits.
Our range changes constantly as we purchase our stock to give the best value to our customers.
If you are looking for specific items feel free to contact us with your requirements.


Call: 07838 127781 or 07890 230011


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