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Fishing Flies

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Fly Fishing has been popular for centuries.
Unlike spinning with a bait or lure where the weight of the lure gives the angler casting distance, in fly fishing it is the weight of the line that carries the bait intended to catch the fish.

Choosing the right Fly.
Fishing flies are available in many patterns and sizes, some fly patterns imitate flying or swimming insects upon which your intended prey feeds, other patterns look nothing like any natural creature and are mere lures to attract the fish and trigger an instinctive strike.
Dry flies.
Dry flies are designed to sit on the surface of the water imitating an insect which has landed or dropped into the water or is emerging.
Nymphs are a type of wet fly usually fished below the surface imitating larvae, some nymph patterns have a bead head to add weight to the fly.
There are streamers and other lures which are fished sub-surface to imitate fry, minnows and other juvenile baitfish.
Some anglers employ the ‘Matching the Hatch’ strategy, looking to see which insects the trout are feeding on to enable the angler to choose the most likely fly pattern to attract the fish, get it right and a Good days fishing could turn into a great days fishing.
Of course, there is always an exception to the rule and the fish may strike at any fly whether it resembles an insect or not.
One thing is for sure, you should always have a good range of patterns to choose from in your fly box.
Many more Fly patterns are available in our fishing shop in Ardrossan.

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