Coarse, Float and Feeder Fishing Rods

If you are a Coarse or match angler we stock a wide range of Coarse Fishing rods including rods designed to suit specific fishing tactics, such as Float and Feeder fishing rods.
Feeder rods are a popular choice, designed for fishing the river or lake bed to target commercial Carp or other bottom-feeding species with either a feeder system or hook baits.
Depending on the rod you choose there are rods of various lengths with single tips or multiple tips offering a range of sensitivity levels suited to targeting species of different sizes the larger of Which would be Tench, Barbel, or Carp.
We also stock Float rods as the name suggests for fishing with a float, these rods are lightweight yet powerful and are generally 10ft or longer.
Coarse, Float, and Feeder rod and reel combos are also available.
Visit our Fishing Shop in Ardrossan to check out all the new arrivals and if you need advice choosing your Fishing rod we will be happy to help.