Getting the kids Fishing.

Okay so the kids are back at school now and you can get back to the peaceful hobby of Fishing, maybe you like the solitude or maybe you like company.

Do you remember your first-day fishing and who introduced you to Fishing, whoever it was, Dad, Uncle, Grandparent, you probably still remember how excited you were from the anticipation of catching your first fish, even if it was only a small fish?. Or perhaps you started with a net and a jam jar at your local pond or stream catching Tiddlers. With these changed days while not all types of entertainment are yet enjoyable for the kids and things can seem a little boring, how about teaching your youngster to fish?

Sharing the anticipation and excitement with them of playing and landing a fish. It won’t be easy and there are bound to be long pauses between catches, you will need to keep that youngster entertained while waiting for a bite and you will need a great deal of patience.

Make it an adventure, your goal when out fishing yourself will be to catch your PB but try and put that to one side and concentrate on your new fishing student, they will be happy whatever they catch.

Sea Fishing or Coarse Fishing, whichever is your choice, fishing with a Bait under a float gives your junior angler something to concentrate on, you can teach them how to set the float up and what to watch for when a fish takes the bait.

Give your child a choice of 3 or 4 venues if you can, if they chose the venue and catch a fish they will be proud of choosing the right place to fish.

Make sure your new fishing buddy has the right sized Fishing Rod and Reel, maybe you could give them their very own Tackle box with some terminal tackle, Barbless hooks, weights and lures, let them choose the lures with a little guidance of course and when that fish is on the hook they will be delighted to know they chose the lure that caught it.

There is so much more to see from your fishing location, wildlife and the plants and trees around you and of course the fish, you could teach your young angler about the different species of fish, about the vegetation in the water where the fish like to hide and about the insects that are part of the food chain for the fish, how to handle a fish, the importance of catch and release and about the importance of personal safety by the water. while waiting for the fish to bite make it fun, have a competition counting the different types of insects etc. (Be sure you don’t win all the time) you will be surprised at how much your child will learn without even realising that they are being taught.

Above all make it enjoyable, take a picnic, you can share your experiences over lunch and discuss Tac-tics.

Remember you are the master at fishing in your child's eyes, passing on your knowledge can be a great experience for both of you and if your child enjoys the experience you could have a new Fishing Buddy for life.


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