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The question of "what can I catch and Where ?" comes up just as often for Coarse / Freshwater Fishing as it does for Sea Fishing and the answer to this question is too long to list in our FAQ page, so here is a list of commonly caught Freshwater Fish. We Sell Worms and Maggots at #splashsportfishingtackleandbait as well as quality frozen #pikefishingbait a specific 'Pike pack' has a good selection of baits to give the angler the best chance.

Freshwater Fish Species.

This is a brief list of Freshwater Fish Species. Places where the angler is likely to find them. The best time to fish for them and which baits to use.


The Trout. Rainbows, wild brownies, Sea trout, or Stocked Trout, there are many places to fish for them, Lochs, Rivers, resevoirs. Worms, Flies and Lures are the usual options for catching Trout. Research you fishing before you set out. The Angler should check if they require a permit or license and which baits are allowed.


The term ‘Fishing in Scotland’ conjures up pictures of Anglers Fly Fishing For Salmon amid stunning scenery. Fly Fishing is not the only way to catch the Salmon, spinning is also popular. The Atlantic Salmon is born in fresh water, migrates to the Sea and returns to the freshwater to spawn when it is mature. Fish that have returned to spawn are usually caught by the angler whose bait annoys or distracts the fish. Flies, Devon Minnows, Spinners, Flying C’s and Tobie style lures, can be productive when fishing for Salmon.


Pike are a popular Freshwater fish species as they are present in most waters. These predatory Fish are often found lurking in the margins waiting to ambush their prey. When fishing for Pike there are certain items of equipment the angler should have. A filleting glove or other strong protective glove will be useful if you have to handle a Pike. The teeth in the Pikes mouth can cause damage if your hands are in the way, the gill rakes of a Pike are also lined with spikes. You should also have a pair of long forceps or pliers for help with removing hooks. If the fish swallows the hook and it is not visible at the mouth of the fish cut the trace. Do not try to pull the hook you will only cause harm to the fish. An unhooking mat is also useful. When you have caught your pike, treat it with care it may look like a monster but Pike are also Delicate. Pike Packs are a popular choice for bait as the pack contains a selection of six or so different types of fish.


Carp Fishing has increased dramatically in popularity in recent years. There are many venues throughout Scotland where the angler can fish for Carp specifically. Carp are also present in wild ponds. There are many types of bait and preference varies from angler to angler. The staff in our shop can direct you to some of the best places and give you advice on tackle, techniques and Baits. Fisheries will be able to give you tips on what baits, techniques, etc. to use. Talking to other anglers may give you some insight, But they can be a secretive bunch!!


Perch are a freshwater fish species common in most waters throughout the UK. They are predatory fish and therefore generally easy to catch. Although not regarded as highly as Pike or Carp there are anglers who fish specifically for the larger specimens. however, some anglers consider perch to be a nuisance in some waters, as they can be the most prolific species in the water with many smaller specimens eager to feast on maggot baits.


Bream are quite common in most waters, they are predominantly bottom feeders. Feeder fishing with particle baits with added worm, maggots and casters can be productive. The angler requires patience when fishing for Bream, they can be slow to feed. There are times that you will reel your bait in only to find that the Bream has had a chomp at your bait without you even knowing.


The Tench are a favourite with many anglers, they inhabit slow moving rivers, still waters and Canals. Stillwater pools generally hold larger specimens. The best time of day to catch Tench is early morning. Patience is key when fishing for Tench, baiting a swim the day before going fishing can produce very good results.


Chub like to inhabit fast flowing water with features such as overhanging trees and tree root systems, etc. The Chub are not such fussy feeders as some of the previously mentioned species. Large Chub will take fish baits meant for Pike, they will also readily chase spinners.

There are many other popular Freshwater Fish species, including Common Eel, Roach, Barbel, Rudd, Dace,etc.


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