Safety First!!

Updated: Sep 13


When you prepare to go fishing if you are a novice or a seasoned angler, above all SAFETY should be a priority. If you are going Sea Fishing get information on weather conditions and Tide Times. Local Tide Times and conditions are posted on our Facebook page each day. Wherever you go fishing, let someone know where you are going and when you will return home.


Wear suitable clothing. Waterproof clothing is essential for adverse weather. Floatation suits are poular with sea anglers as they afford the wearer warmth and a degree of life preserving protection for an angler falling into water. Footwear with good sole grips for uneven or wet ground is essential. Waders, Thigh, Waist or Chest waders are useful for the angler who likes to venture into the shallows at the riverbank or Lakeside. Never wear waders to go Sea Fishing!! also one should be aware not to venture into deep water whilst wearing waders.


A Mobile Phone can be invaluable as a means of contact in an emergency, also using the torch / camera flash to signal where you are. Try and make sure you have a signal where you are fishing. Although it requires extra expense, having a second mobile phone on a different network can be very handy. Headlamps and good torches are also handy accessories, carry one in your tackle box and make sure you have good batteries. Furthermore, Allways let someone know where you are going to be fishing, try and go with a companion. Also if you are new to fishing try and go fishing with someone who is experienced and knows the area.

The RNLI’s volunteer crews give up their time and comfort to carry out rescues in difficult and often dangerous conditions. Training is vital to allow volunteers to go to sea and save lives.

Lastly but VeryImportant.


These days Litter is a very big problem, both at the waters edge and in the water. Most venues have Litter bins close by and even if they don't it's very easy to put a spare carrier bag in with your fishing gear to take your empty packaging, cans, bottle, used hooks and line, etc. away with you.. Social media websites regularly have posts with pictures of Fishing assosciated debris, this gives ALL ANGLERS a bad name!. There are dangers which may perhaps be less obvious to those of us who give litter little consideration, dangers to Swans and other waterfowl and various other wildlife around rivers, lakes and in the sea from Packaging, Line and Hooks etc. and to domestic pets, Dogs being 'walked' off a leash, are often inquisitive and rarely under close observation by the people 'walking' them. Take a minute to think next time you open a pack of bait, change a rig, replace a hook or loose your leader and hooks etc. in nearby trees. Don’t give people a chance to prohibit fishing, because of carelessly discarded gear.

Remember: ‘Take only memories, Leave only Footprints’.


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