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A quetion which comes up quite regularly is: "What fish could I catch and what baits do I need?". The answer is quite long so here is a brief list. If you are visiting #splashsportfishingtackleandbait we can help you choose your baits to suit your fishing.

Saltwater Fish Species

Saltwater Fish Species caught around the Scottish shoreline and in the deep water Sea Lochs around Scotland are numerous.


The most popular baits for Bass are Sand eel, Lug worm (Blow and frozen Blacks), Rag worm, Peeler Crab and mackerel. Area: The most prominent areas are South West Scotland and South East Scotland, although there have been catches further along the coast lines.(Please be aware of possible Sea Bass conservation measures in place).


The Most Popular Baits for Cod are Lug Worm, Peeler Crab, Mackerel, Squid, Mussel and Razor. Area: The angler is likely to catch Cod anywhere along the Scottish Shore line however, the East coast is the place to be for the best chance of good double figure fish.


The most popular baits For LSD or Dogfish are Sand eel, Mackerel, Rag worm, Squid and Bluey. Area: A commonly reported catch all around the Scottish Shore line, most steadily on the west coast and in the Sea Lochs. is that of LSD or Dogfish.


The most popular baits for Ling are Mackerel, Bluey and Squid. The use of Pirks gives good results. Area. One of the deep water species is Ling, catch reports of larger specimens are from boat anglers using heavier fishing tackle (strong rigs, Bar Pirks, large hooks and powerful Rods and Reels).


Fish baits and worm are good baits for Haddock. Area. Haddock catches are widespread and uncommon. The main catch reports of decent sized Haddock come from the South West and from anglers who are fishing from boats.

Bull Huss

Fish Baits are the main attraction to this Saltwater species, Bull Huss is basically a larger relative of the Dog-Fish. Area. Although catch reports are mainly from the S.W coast of Scotland, there have been occasional catch reports from further North.


Mackerel are generally targeted using Lures or Feather rigs, but great fun can be had by fishing for Mackerel with lighter tackle, (fish using a float with worm or Sand Eel on the hook beneath). Area. Anglers set out to catch Mackerel in the late Summer months when they are most prolific Saltwater Fish Species anywhere along the coastline.

Conger Eel

Conger Eel are predominantly caught on larger fish baits such as Mackerel, Squid and Blueys, but they do sometimes take smaller baits such as Peeler Crab and Worms. Area. Conger Eel can be caught all around the coast, they usually inhabit Wrecks and other rough ground areas, they are predatory fish and prefer to hide between rocks or holes in harbour walls where they can view and strike at passing prey.

Spur Dog

The Spur Dog will take almost all fish baits and worm baits tipped with fish baits. Area. Found along the west coast and in the Sea lochs further north.

Common Eels

The angler does not usually set out to catch Common Eels. Common Eels will take almost all sea baits, worm, fish baits, peeler crab, etc. Area. Generally caught around estuaries.


Whiting can be caught on fish bait or worms, they are usually quite small, and viewed as a nuisance by many anglers, occasionally larger specimens are caught and considered a “good eating” fish. Area. All around the coast line.


Pollock are targeted using mainly worm baits and artificial baits such as Shads and Rubber worms although they will take Fish strips and Sand Eel. Area. All around the coastline.

Thornback Ray

Thornback Ray will take Fish baits, worm and Crab baits. Area. Catches reported from the Sea Lochs and occasionally from estuary marks.

Common Skate

The list of baits for the Common Skate is numerous from the humble Mackerel to Trout. Area. Catches of this Deep water fish are mainly from boats off the west coast and in the Deep Water Sea Lochs. Fishing for Common Skate requires Heavy Tackle, Strong lines, robust rods and multiplier reels.

N.B. The fight between the angler and Common Skate will require strength and a will to win on the anglers behalf, but the satisfaction on the face of the angler when the Fish is finally on the boat says it all.

Dabs & Flounder

Both Species, Dabs & Flounder can be caught using a wide variety of baits, Peeler crab, lug worm, Mussel, Mackerel, etc. Area. All around the Scottish coast line, especially on clean sandy beaches and in estuaries.


Tope are generally caught on Fish baits. Area. The Mull of Galloway is popular with anglers hoping to catch Tope.

Many more Saltwater fish Species are caught around the coastline #seafishingscotland.

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