The crafty catcher Retro Range brings back some of the most successful old school recipes, incorporating the best of the original ingredients with both a modern approach to manufacturing and some of the best attractors available today.

Crafty Catcher has created an awesome collection of proven fish catchers that truly encapsulate thirty years of knowledge in the bait game.

Crafty Catcher Retro RangePop-ups

  • PEANUT PRO is probably the best-remembered bait of the eighties with many anglers all over Europe on it. It accounted for huge numbers of fish including many PB’s and caught from tough waters here in the UK as well as the new waters overseas. A blend of Peanut and Tigernut meals with brewers yeast, Betaine, milk powders and bird foods topped off with blended nut oils and the original Peanut Pro flavour.

    KING PRAWN Low-temperature fishmeal, soluble Krill Protein extract, Krill meal, Fermented shrimp paste and Brewers yeast give these premium pop-ups a fantastic food and attractor profile. Freshly rolled with optimum levels of milk proteins and ground bird foods this bait is a proven big fish catcher. Crafty Catcher have sourced the original Prawn flavour from the mid-eighties that was responsible for multiple catches of big fish all over Europe and included some proper lumps from Cassien and Salagou.

    CARIBBEAN COCKTAIL One of the all-time classic sweet fruity baits that hit the market back end of 1984. With a blend of six classic fruits, it caught loads of fish everywhere in its original red colour before catching loads more as a two - colour version in the ’90s. Crafty Catcher have brought back the original red Caribbean on milk and bird food base, very sweet tasting and smelling just as it did back in ’84 - bang on the money.

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