Okuma Carbonite XP Baitrunner / freespool reel

Okuma Carbonite XP Baitrunner / freespool Reel

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The Okuma Carbonite XP Baitfeeder fishing reels feature a quick-release graphite spool, preloaded with camo line.
This Baitrunner / freespool reel has a precision-engineered gearing system, a machine-cut brass pinion gear and a computer-balanced rotor system ensure a balanced resilience when fighting a fish.
Hydro Block technology keeps water, dirt, and debris out of the inner workings of your Okuma reel, ensuring its longevity, this reel also comes with a spare spool to provide the option of using an alternative line strength without having to spool up a new line.
Ideal for Coarse and Carp fishing.


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