Okuma Magda DXT line counter Fishing reels are constructed with lightweight corrosion-resistant frame and side plates, its' mechanical line counter tailors your presentations for accuracy and repeatability.
These multiplier reels are available in both right and left hand retrieve.


Okuma Magda DXT Line Counter Multiplier Reel

  • - Lightweight, corrosion-resistant frame and side plates
    - Corrosion-resistant graphite spools
    - Mechanical line counter function measures in feet
    - Multi-disc Carbonite drag system
    - 2 Stainless steel ball bearing
    - 16-point anti-reverse for improved hookups
    - Line counter screw port for improved air access
    - Durable Machine cut brass gearing
    - Self-Lubricating Gear System, all models
    - 20– 45 sizes with Ergo grip handle knob design
    - 15-size features a twin paddle handle configuration
    - Automatic trip spool engaging mechanism
    - Stainless steel level wind line guide system
    - DLXT represents left hand crank models

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