The Okuma Surf 8K is a long casting spinning reel, the Surf 8K, not only retains Okuma's patent designs such as rotor brake system, rotor with brush guards, quick-set anti-reverse system...... but also upgrades all functions and parts. The Surf 8K is equiped with a worm shaft transmission system and a super slow oscillation system which makes the line wind more straight and tight, reducing the friction when casting. The taper spool for longer casting distance, it's perfect for long casting use at wide water.
- Maximum Drag 39.7lbs (18kg)
- Gear Ratio 4.7:1
- 5 + 1 Ball bearings
- Quick set anti reverse roller bearing
- CFR cyclonic flow rotor
- Slow oscillation system
- Fast drag system
- Double stainless steel line clickers
- Precision worm shaft transmission system
- Rotor brake system
- Hydro block water tight drag seal
- With carbon washers
- Precision zinc handle arm with TPE ergo grip

Okuma Surf 8K Fishing Reel

SKU: 57738
  •  0.33mm/620yds, 0.35mm/550yds, 0.38mm/470yds

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