The PENN Wrath Boat combos are available in two different weight classes: 20-30lb and 30-50lb.
Every set-up is well balanced and the colours are perfectly matching, resulting in not only great specifications but also great looks. The K-frame guides in combination with the sensitive blanks make sure you will never miss a bite anymore.
The 20-30lb version is a perfect combo for the angler who likes to fish over wrecks for cod, pollock or seabass and the 30-50lb version is more heavy-duty and would be suitable for fishing for big cod and halibut in Norway. Just spool the reel with a line of choice and you will have a great and durable boat fishing combo.

Penn Wrath Boat Rod and Reel Combo

  • Reel Size: 6000 (Maximum drag 9.1k)
    Rod Length: 7ft (2-pieces)
    Durable Titanium Oxide Guides.


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