rovex-replicator-shad- Big predator fishing lures

Rovex Replicator Shads - Big Predator Fishing Lures

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Rovex Replicator Shads are one of the most versatile lures ever with the ability to catch almost any fish anywhere.
These potent soft lures have no equal in terms of quality for money and have risen to the top of the pile by performing above and beyond market standards.
Pre-rigged Rovex Replicator Shads are an amazing range of lures that come in a variety of eye-catching patterns and colours.
Ideal fishing lures for large predators.

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    Size and Action

    Sinking Lures
    Length: 200mm
    Weight: 141g 

    These lures are so versatile, you can Jig, rig, or troll them, even cast them. Rovex Replicator Shads will always get a bite.
    The vibrating tail, the lively colours and the lifelike shapes all just add to the enticement levels of the Rovex Replicator Shad, making it impossible for fish to resist them.
    The extra-strong hooks are perfect for sinking in deep and locking up and keeping your fish on the hook.