These Big Hit Boilies are Day Session packs, ideal for the angler who wants a selection of different flavour/scent hook baits to give the optimum chance of catching, without having to buy several large packs.
Crafty Catcher Big Hit Boilies are packed with all the essential ingredients to provide visual attraction combined with Highly nutritious ingredients, they have a coarse open texture to leak powerful food signals that quickly draw and hold fish in your swim and give you the edge at any type of venue.
These easily digestible unique tasting baits keep the Carp coming back for more.
Made up from bulk packs,
Supplied in grip-seal bags to retain quality.

Crafty Catcher Boilies 15mm Session Pack

  • This item is packaged in grip seal bags to retain quality.

  • if your item / items have been damaged in transit you should contact us immediately with details and pictures of damage to packaging and goods where possible. All efforts to protect your items will be taken at the time of packaging.

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