The Shakespeare Beta range of front drag Fishing reels have been developed to complement the Beta range of rods and enables you to purchase a well-matched rod and reel. 

The Beta reels are suitable for Saltwater Fishing, these are great quality reliable reels which are supplied spooled up with monofilament line ready to go fishing.

Shakespeare Beta Front Drag Reels

  • The Shakespeare Beta Reels are Right or Left Handed and feature: 
    Lightweight Polymeric build
    Polymeric spool
    Polymeric handle
    Instant Anti-reverse
    60 Size:
    1 Ball-bearing
    Front Drag
    Gear Ratio - 4.6:1
    Maximum Drag -11.5lb

    70 Size
    1 Ball-bearing
    Front Drag
    Gear Ratio - 5.2:1
    Maximum Drag - 32lb

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