Fishing Rigs and Rig Making Components

We stock a wide range of Fishing Rigs and Rig making Components.
You will find a selection of popular Sea Fishing rig patterns including Feather rigs for mackerel fishing in the summer months, and ready-made Bait fishing rigs in a variety of patterns and hook sizes.
Heavy-duty Conger fishing rigs and Wire trace rigs for Pike and other large predators are also available.
For the Coarse angler, there are ready-made Hooks to Nylon as well as rig clips, links, and swivels, etc.
There is a huge range of Rig making components from well-known brands such as Gemini, Breakaway, Shakespeare, Rovex, CJT and others, for anglers who prefer to custom make their own Sea fishing rigs, Pike rigs, or Carp fishing rigs.