SALE and Clearance Offers

At Splash Sport Fishing Tackle and Bait, we are committed to giving you the best deals possible throughout the year.
Our ranges are continually expanding with the addition of new brands and products for all types of fishing.
We will continue to update our Sale page with clearance lines which represent some fantastic savings.
Whether you are new to fishing and have a specific budget. Just want to top up your Fishing tackle with different lures to experiment with, or top up your terminal tackle. Or maybe you just enjoy fishing for bargains!.
We have lots of discounted fishing tackle and accessories for Sea, Coarse, Predator and Fly Fishing

Looking for an inexpensive Rod and Reel set up is a good idea.
If you are a Coarse angler thinking of trying sea fishing you will need a more robust reel and a rod capable of handling heavier line and terminal tackle.
If you are a Sea angler and you just want to try your hand at a different fishing discipline, you may be looking to buy Coarse or Fly fishing gear.
We have some great rod and reel combos in a range of sizes for all types of fishing at discount prices online.
You can also get a great deal on rod and reel kits in our shop. We will be able to give you advice on the best gear at the best prices.
In our shop you will be able to handle the products so that you can choose the gear you feel comfortable with.


Brands are often a consideration when buying fishing tackle. You may have a favourite brand, or a brand you are aware of may produce a product similar to the one you are used to at a discount price. Taking a chance on using an alternative product is easier to risk when you know you are saving money.
Checking our Sale and Clearance offers from time to time is a great way to catch yourself a great deal.


We have more great offers throughout our website so it's worth browsing through our other pages, we are constantly increasing and changing our stock and Brands so there is always something new.
If you are looking for a particular item not listed on our website you can contact us to check if your item is in stock or to see what's new instore.

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