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Splash Sport Fishing Tackle and Bait

Splash Sport Fishing Tackle and Bait have been established for over 20 years, we are a Family business run by experienced anglers. Over the years we have become known for our excellent customer service and wide range of quality branded Fishing equipment.
We stock Fishing Tackle and accessories from Okuma, Savage Gear, Imax, Abu, Fenix, Mitchell, Ron Thompson, Penn, Shakespeare, and many more well-known brands, in-store and online.
As experienced anglers, we are happy to help you with any questions about buying Fishing Rods, Reels, accessories and other fishing equipment.
We can also help with advice on fishing Tackle, techniques, fishing venues and what bait to use.
We work constantly with our suppliers to source new products at the best possible prices, and we pass on our savings to you by offering great deals on Fishing Tackle and Accessories for all types of fishing.
We work hard to ensure a permanent variety of fantastic deals on fishing equipment, clothing and accessories, plus unique limited and Seasonal offers to fit any budget.
You will find a dedicated Sale page on our website with special offers on all types of fishing gear.
Whether you are a seasoned angler or a beginner to fishing we have a wide range of Fishing Tackle for all types of fishing.
For the Sea angler looking to buy a new Rod or Reel, we have a wide choice of fixed spool and multiplier fishing reels, and an extensive selection of sea rods for Beach, Boat, kayak and Pier fishing. We also have Seat boxes, tripods, Clothing, terminal tackle and accessories.
For Coarse angling, the range of rods, reels, Terminal Tackle, Accessories, is also extensive.
Our range of Carp fishing tackle includes a wide range of quality Fishing rods, reels and accessories, from luggage to transport your fishing gear safely to Buzz bars and Bite alarms so you don’t miss that eagerly awaited run.
If you are a Pike angler along with our range of powerful pike fishing rods and reels there are all the tools, you need including forceps for unhooking your toothy catch.
Fly fishing rods and reels are available in our shop in a range of sizes for Trout and Salmon Fishing.
We also have great Combo Deals on Fishing Rods and Reels to help you get more Fishing Tackle and Accessories for your budget.

Whatever type of fishing you prefer we also sell quality fishing lines from well-known brands, mono, braid, shock leaders, fluorocarbon leaders and Fly lines.

Our range of Saltwater and Freshwater lures is extensive, there are soft lures, hard lures, spoons, spinners, wedge lures, multi-hook feather rigs, etc. of all sizes.
We also sell popular Quality Groundbaits, Boilies, Pellets, Particle Mixes, Hemp Mixes, Additives, and attractants, Suitable For Carp, Bream, Roach, Tench, Perch, Barbel, etc. from Brand Leaders Van Den Eynde, Crafty Catcher, and others.
We also sell live baits such as Worm, Maggot and Casters.
For Pike and Sea Anglers, we offer a wide choice of Quality Frozen Dead Baits.

Our Live Sea Bait, Ragworm, and Lugworm are of the highest quality and are responsibly and sustainably sourced, the demand for these baits is High, so we recommend that if you require either Ragworm or Lugworm forward ordering by telephone to secure your order is best.

You will find Terminal tackle and rig building components of all types, links, swivels, beads, hooks, clips, booms, weights and so much more in our shop.
We sell Fishing Luggage, Bags and Tackle Boxes of all sizes to protect and safely transport your rods, Reels, Tripods and other Fishing gear with ease.
For clothing to keep you protected from the elements we stock quality Fishing smocks, fly vests, hats, Waders and Midge nets to protect you from insect bites.
Other accessories such as sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of Summer sun or bright winter conditions or Headlamps and torches for fishing in the dark are a must.
We provide a repair service for rods and reels in-store. Sometimes you just need a rod guide replacing or a reel servicing to get you out fishing, we won't try and sell you a new rod or reel if all you need is a simple repair.
Fishing permits – Day and Season - are available in-store for local waters and fishing clubs.
If you are buying a fishing gift for a friend or relative and don’t know what they need or you are overwhelmed by the choice of products in our shop, we sell gift vouchers which are a simple solution for Birthdays, Christmas and other Gift-giving occasions, the recipient can then choose exactly what they need.
Why not call in and grab yourself a Great Deal on Fishing Tackle and Bait.

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