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man holding a large Carp

Carp and Coarse Fishing Rods

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    We stock a wide variety of rods for Coarse and Carp fishing to suit beginners and experienced anglers.

    There are Feeder Rods, which as the name suggests are used for fishing with a feeder system on the bottom without the aid of a float. These rods are supplied with between one and three tips, usually differing in casting weight making your rod versatile for fishing strong flowing rivers or still waters, the type of fish you are targeting and the weight of your terminal tackle.
    Feeder rods come in a range of lengths with the shorter rods being more suitable for margin fishing, the longer rods allow for greater precision when distance fishing. etc.

    Float rods are more popular with beginners and seasoned anglers who want to fish with a float either at the surface or to register bites lower down in the water column. Generally, float rods are 10ft or longer, thinner and lighter in construction, although no less powerful than their counterparts.

    Spinning rods.

    We stock general spinning rods suitable for freshwater fishing for those new to the sport and experienced anglers, to suit all budgets.

    Our rods are sourced from manufacturers such as Shimano, Shakespeare, Ron Thompson, Abu Garcia and many other well-known brands.
    At Splash Sport Fishing Tackle, whether you are fishing for Carp, Roach, Bream, Tench, or just whatever bites, we are sure you will find a rod that suits you.  

    We also stock a broad selection of Reels to match your chosen rod and rod bags, quivers and rod tip protectors for transporting your rods safely.

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