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Sea Fishing Reels

    Which Sea Fishing Reel to Choose
    There are Spinning reels that are ideal for pier fishing with small single lures, drop-shotting or fishing with bait under a float.
    Larger fixed spool reels have the capability to cast heavier weights from the shore or haul in a .string of fish on a multi-hook trace. These reels help you cast long distances and are easy to use even for beginners.

    If you are a more experienced angler you may choose to fish with a multiplier reel. 
    Multiplier reels allow for long casts and quicker retrieves, perfect for fishing from the shore.

    We stock a wide range of Sea Fishing reels designed to withstand corrosion from saltwater for beach, pier and boat fishing from Penn, Akios, Okuma, Shakespeare and other brands.

    So wherever you are fishing and whatever type of reel you prefer we have lots to choose from.

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