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Carp and Coarse Fishing Reels

    Now you have decided to try Carp or Coarse Fishing you will need a suitable reel to match your rod.

    There are a great many reels to choose from differing in construction, size and weight.

    Fixed spool reels also referred to as spinning reels are extremely versatile and can be used for all fishing types.
    Standard fixed spool reels have either front drag or rear drag systems, many come with spare spools which allow you to carry a spool loaded with an alternative strength of line if you need it.
    You may notice that the reels will have different numbers of ball bearings, the more ball bearings the smoother the run of the reel.

    The build is important, manufacturers of these reels are constantly improving the build of the reels using lighter stronger components, the spools are often made from aluminium and graphite which are both lightweight.

    Fixed spool reels for freshwater fishing come in a range of sizes, 1000 to 3500 are ideal for smaller species, generally fished for at shorter distances. 4000 to 5500 sized reels are suitable for mid-range. The 6000 and larger-sized reels are aimed at the angler fishing at longer distances in the hope of catching larger specimens such as big Carp.

    Freespool or Baitrunner reels have two drag settings to switch from free spool to fixed spool, these are ideal for fishing live baits or cut baits allowing the fish to take the bait and run before setting the hook.

    Big pit reels are essentially fixed spool reels with oversized spools allowing the angler to fish at greater distances, a favourite with many Carp anglers.

    We stock quality Carp and Coarse Fishing reels from Prologic, Shimano, Shakespeare, Dam, Okuma and other brands.
    If you are visiting our shop we will be happy to help you choose the best reel for your type of fishing.

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