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Nets and Unhooking Mats

Amongst the items, you will require for your Pike-Predator fishing set-up, will be a Net and an unhooking mat.
A suitable net will make bringing your pike to the edge of the water and landing your fish far easier, and kinder to your fish
You will need a quality net big enough to hold a large pike, you never know your next outing may be the one where you catch your personal best. An unhooking mat is also a handy piece of kit to have, giving you an uncluttered space to remove your hooks or lures from the mouth of the Pike. 

Pike – predator nets should be deep and wide to comfortably accommodate a large fish safely, your net should also have a long handle.
Our Large nets range in size between 36 – 50 inches.
Pike fishing nets are deeper than a standard coarse fishing net, they are triangular with long arms and wide gapes. We sell nets that have strong metal spreader blocks for reliability. Plastic spreader blocks can sometimes fail, if your spreader block fails it will render your net useless.
We sell complete nets, floating and standard net heads, and net handles in a range of lengths with comfortable grips.

Fish Care.
Unhooking mats Weigh slings and Cradles fall into the fish care category.
You may think that the fight your fish has given you means it is strong, pike, although ferocious-looking are delicate and should be handled with respect.
Unhooking mats are padded to help protect your fish once you have landed it, never put a fish down on gravel, wet your unhooking mat dry surfaces will damage the fish.

Slings protect your fish when you are ready to weigh your catch, these are made from fish friendly mesh fabric and are generously sized to hold the body of the fish comfortably.

Cradles also offer maximum protection to your fish with ample cushioning to protect your fish when transporting from the bank to your scales, and when you are situated on lumpy uneven ground.
Whenever you use unhooking mats, slings or cradles you should take care to wet them before putting the fish on them, never put a fish on a dry surface.

Our nets and fish care products are sourced from Dam, Prologic, Abu, Shakespeare, Ron  Thompson and other Quality manufacturers.

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