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Pike Fishing Terminal tackle

Predator fishing for Zander, Perch or Pike ?
Pike is the largest of these freshwater predator species. Pike fishing can be quite exhilarating, whether it is a small jack or a monster, the rush you get from an aggressive take or run is incomparable to fishing for many other species.
The Pike for example is the apex underwater predator in freshwater lakes, rivers and canals.
The seasons have a great bearing on how you fish for Pike, in Autumn and Winter pike sit deeper in the water during the night and come up when the sun has risen warming the surface water up. In Spring pike will move up into shallower water as the temperature rises. In Summer you will find them in the shallows waiting to ambush passing fish.

Whichever season you are fishing in, the terminal tackle for Pike-Predator fishing needs to be strong and durable. We stock a wide range of items for the angler targeting these toothy predators.

Treble hooks are ideal for pike fishing, barbed or semi-barbed hooks are perfect for making up biting traces.
We stock quality components, Crimps, swivels, hooks, links, tubing, weights, and a broad selection of leader materials, Coated wire, Braid, Mono, etc.
There are also ready-made rigs for Dead baits in a range of sizes.
Whether you make predator rigs to suit your own style of fishing or prefer to use ready-made rigs, we have all the items you need.
We also have a broad range of superb Pike-Predator lures to choose from and great deals on Rods and reels.

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