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Sea Fishing Line and Leaders

    Fishing Line and Leaders
    You can't fish without it!
    As an essential item, it’s important to choose the right line, choosing suitable for your type of fishing can make the difference between catching and losing a fish.

    We stock a wide range of Fishing lines and leaders for Sea fishing from Berkley, Asso, Rovex, Sufix, etc.

    Monofilament (Mono)
    Quality monofilament line for sea fishing is available in a range of strengths and colours, designed to withstand saltwater, with high knot strength and abrasion-resistant qualities.
    Combining the use of a shock leader line along with your main monofilament line will help to cut down on tackle losses during casting and when fishing rough ground.

    Sea Fishing braid is mainly used by shore anglers and boat anglers, usually quite thick lines although the technology used by manufacturers is bringing lower diameter stronger lines to the market. Casting long distances with a braid line can cause a host of problems for experienced and novice anglers.

    Fluorocarbon fishing line is ideal for spinning and estuary fishing on sandy seabeds for line shy fish. Quality fluorocarbon lines have good abrasion resistance for fishing near obstacles.
    Fluorocarbon sinks quickly and is nearly invisible due to having the same refractive index as water, so allows for stealth fishing.

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