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We stock a wide range of premium quality Blast Frozen Sea fishing Baits, we also sell Live Sea Fishing Baits, Our Live Ragworm and Lugworm are extremely popular so it is always best to order these baits in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Ragworm sold in 10's ....... Call or message us for latest prices and availability.
Lugworm sold in 10's ....... Call or message us for latest prices and availability.

Black Lug - £6.00 (10 per pack) This is a Sea fishing bait you should definitely have in your bait freezer, excellent for Cod.
Bluey - £3.50 Bluey (Pacific Saury) is a superb bait constantly growing in popularity for the super oily attraction it creates.
Herring - £2.20 Herring is also a super oily baitfish useful for attracting bites from many different fish species.
Dirty Squid - £3.60 Squid is a superb Sea Fishing bait for Bass, Huss and Rays and many other saltwater species, Illex, Falkland and Loligo Squid may also be in stock - check for availability.
Mackerel - £2.40  (whole or fillet) Mackerel are by far the most popular bait for a wide variety of Fish from Flatties and Whiting to Conger and Tope, due to the oily attraction and the skin pattern of the iridescent stripes and silvery-white underbelly.
Mussel - £2.50 Mussel is an ideal bait for Flatfish and coddling, great for making up bait cocktails on your hooks, mussels are a soft bait so it is a good idea to have bait elastic to bind these baits to your hooks.
Peeler Crab (Dressed) - £0.90 per crab Peeler Crab is a hugely popular sea fishing bait producing bites when all other baits fail, a bait you should never be without!
Sandeel (S/M/L) - £2.30-£2.60  Sandeel is another very popular Sea fishing bait producing bites from many saltwater species, it is also worth mentioning that Sandeel is a very soft bait and should be whipped onto the hook using bait elastic.
Sardine - £2.20 can be a very effective bait at many venues. They are oily with a strong scent and a silver sheen although they can be a very soft bait so use frozen or whip with baiting elastic to keep them on the hook.

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