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a pike fish hiding in weeds

Pike and Predator Fishing

Whether you are fishing for larger sea predators or Pike Fishing in Freshwater, you will need robust tackle to help you land your monster catch.

Pike Fishing is very popular in the winter months. In autumn and winter, the pike will be predating the deeper waters where shoals of other fish congregate in the warmer temperatures.

In spring and summer. Pike can be spotted in the margins and areas of vegetation, around tree roots, and by the bottom of boats just waiting to ambush whatever cruises by in the shallows.

Using Lures and Dead baits will tempt a pike from its lair and give you an idea of the areas to target.

Or you can find the pike by baiting an area that will attract other fish and in turn the pike as they hunt their prey.

We have a wide range of Predator fishing Tackle.  Rods, reels, and Accessories for both Sea and freshwater predator fishing.

Our range of Soft Lures, Hard Lures, and Metal Lures from leading tackle brands are all popular and competitively priced.

We also sell live baits and frozen baits that are ideal for all types of predator fishing.

Metal biting traces for saltwater and freshwater predators are ideal for keeping your bait from biting through your line.

For pike fishing, unhooking mats, forceps and nets are just some of the accessories you will need.


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