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Rod Support and Bite Detection

Carp and Coarse fishing rod support.
Not all anglers want to sit or stand holding their fishing rod for a long time waiting for a bite.
Rod supports are ideal for holding your rod steady while you relax waiting for a bite, or whether you want the freedom to prepare bait or rigs between takes.
We have all types of rod rests from single economy bank sticks to adjustable arrow point or screw-in bank sticks, a range of rod rest heads for rod front and back sections, and buzz bars for attaching Bite alarms.
We also sell complete rod pod kits.

Bite Detection.
Along with rod support systems, we have various indicators for bite detection from starlight floats and sight bobs for the occasional pleasure angler fishing on a budget, to Droppers and Bite alarms.
Electronic bite alarms with light indicators, sound, volume, tone and sensitivity adjustments are ideal for those of you who take your Carp fishing more seriously.
Enjoying long sessions at your favourite venue is a lot less stressful if you have an electronic friend watching over your rods, especially if its an overnight session.
Whatever your rod support or bite detection needs are we can help you find the perfect fit to add to your Carp fishing setup.

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