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Sea Fishing Accessories

Sea Fishing Accessories
Our range of Sea fishing accessories includes all the items which can not be specified as tackle because they will not catch fish. They will, however, help you be prepared to catch fish.
Along with Luggage, we have clothing, smocks, Jackets and suits to protect you from the elements, hats to shield your head and eyes from the sun, etc.

Getting down to the accessories that you will use more regularly.
There are tools, scissors for cutting line and bait, hook removers, bait needles to help you present your baits more attractively, Pliers for replacing split rings on your lures.
Buckets to carry your baits or your catch, measures so you can boast about your personal best. Tripods to hold your rods steady on the shore, shelters to keep you warm and dry.

We stock sea fishing accessories from Imax, Savage Gear, Seatech, Inova and other well-known brands.  

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