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Sea Fishing Lures.

Sea Fishing Lures are excellent for any angler targeting predatory fish.

Which type of lure to choose

There are numerous different types of sea fishing lures to choose from in a wide range of colours and sizes.

Popular lures for sea fishing include metal jigs, soft lures, poppers, diving and floating plugs, spinners and spoons. The action of each type of lure differs greatly.

Soft Lures
Soft lures come in various shapes, sizes, and colours.
Jelly worms that dangle from your hook imitating a natural worm, Shads or fish shape lures with swim or paddle tails that will mimic wounded baitfish.

Metal Lures
Metal lures also come in a range of sizes, weights, and coloured finishes.
Fish jigs and pirks come in different sizes and shapes, some are primarily used as weights, with the shiny chrome ones giving off a glint with the movement attracting the fish.
Spoons and spinners produce a fluttering movement as they are pulled through the water, glinting in the light.

Poppers and Plugs,
Poppers fished near the surface create a plopping sound as they travel over the surface of the water which creates attraction to predators on the hunt for a tasty snack.
Plugs or imitation fish are also made in a wide range of sizes and colours, there are diving lures and floating lures, some have the added attraction of internal rattles to create extra attraction.

Whichever type of lure you use for Pollock, Bass or Mackerel, etc. there is no guarantee that the same lure will catch the same species every time, so it is best to have a couple of different lures in your tackle box to choose from.
We stock lures from Savage Gear, Tsunami, Dam, and many other popular brands.

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