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Frequently Asked Questions

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We try to give as much information as possible on our website about our products and services. 
On this page, you will find the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Fishing and Tackle Fishing related subjects.
If you need more information about product availability, how to use products, or information about services available in our store, feel free to get in touch via our contact us page or you can message us via social media, Facebook or Instagram, or you can call or text us, we are always happy to help.

"Do you sell Gift Vouchers?"

Yes, Gift Vouchers are a great idea for making sure that your gift is just you’re your favourite angler wants / when you are not sure what to buy. The recipient of your gift voucher can shop for the specific items they require.
Gift Vouchers are available instore, you can purchase £5.00, £10.00, and £20.00 vouchers.

"Which payment methods do you accept?"

We accept all major credit and debit cards instore plus Apple pay,
Our Website accepts payments via PayPal

"I am going to be spending a holiday in Scotland, what sort of fishing is available?"

Fishing in the west of Scotland has a great deal to offer the Angler For Sea, Fly, or Coarse Fishing.

Sea Fishing

Fishing from a Boat or Beach casting, Bait Fishing, Spinning or Float Fishing.
There are miles of stunning coastline from Dumfries in the South West to Applecross in the northwest, and beyond, and some impressive Deep Water Sea Lochs in the Highlands.
There are stunning Beaches and Rock marks to explore on the Islands as well as the Mainland.

Trout Fishing

There are many Trout Fisheries, rivers and Lochs, throughout Scotland.
Most Fisheries require you to have a Day or Season Permit.
Customers can purchase Some Permits for local waters from our shop.

Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing

Scotland has an excellent reputation for World Class Salmon and Sea Trout fishing, in some of the most stunning locations.
The smaller rivers and Lochs offer tranquillity in particular as well as superb Fishing.
In addition, there are also the four main Salmon rivers in Scotland, the Tweed, Dee, Spey and The Tay.
Open Seasons can vary slightly from place to place as can the prices and of course the rules and regulations

Anglers can source Information on specific venues from Dedicated Salmon Fishing info sites, such websites are excellent, offering information on locations, river levels, catch reports and Booking information.

Coarse Fishing

There many Lochs, Rivers, reservoirs and Fisheries, depending on what your quarry is.
There are a number of Fisheries around Scotland with waters holding many species of coarse fish as well as dedicated Trout ponds.
Most Fisheries have websites that give detailed information about the species and types of fishing permitted.
If you are new to Fishing of any type there are lots of places where you can get specifically detailed information, one of which is ‘Fishpal‘ which is a very comprehensive website covering many aspects of fishing related subjects.


There is no statutory closed season for coarse fishing in Scotland.
However in contrast some Trout and Salmon fishing Clubs and Associations will have a closed Season period.

In conclusion, wherever you choose to go fishing always check you have the correct permit.

"I am new to Sea fishing, what sorts of fish could I catch and what baits will I need ?"

The answer to your question is quite lengthy, a wide range of fish species inhabit the coastal waters around Scotland, depending on if you are shore fishing or fishing from a boat offshore or fishing in one of the many Sea Lochs. 
If you are visiting our shop the staff will be able to give you information on Species, Venues, etc.

We sell a wide range of fishing baits in our shop and will be happy to help you chose your baits to best suit the areas you intend to fish.

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