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Fishing Lines for Sea, Coarse and Fly Fishing

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  • Next to your Rods and Reels, the next most important part of your fishing tackle will be your Fishing line.

  • Using a quality Fishing line is important whether you are a Sea angler, match angler, or coarse angler you need a product that you can rely on.

  • We sell a wide selection of fishing lines from leading brands such as Berkley, Asso, Rovex, Savage Gear, Sufix, and many others.

  • Choose from Monofilament, Braid, or Fluorocarbon, each of these types of fishing line has its own unique qualities.

  • Monofilament is by far the most common fishing line used for Sea and Coarse Fishing. Monofilament (Mono) is stretchy and abrasion resistant with a large diameter to strength ratio. Available in a wide range of colours, clear being the most popular.

  • Braid is made from combining multiple fibres to give this line a great deal of strength. Braid is ideal for fighting big fish and cutting through weeds. Unlike monofilament, Braid has no stretch or memory. The diameter to strength ratio means that filling a spool with Braid can be more expensive than using monofilament.

  • Fluorocarbon is popular for its dense quality. This very flexible line is almost undetectable underwater making it suitable for stealthy rigging of baits.

  • Whether you are looking for Mainline, Leaders, Fly lines, or just Hooks to nylon we have plenty to choose from for all types of fishing.

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