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Freespool and Bait Feeder Reels

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Freespool and Bait Feeder reels.

Freespool Reels.
Freespool Reels (Baitrunner is the name given by Shimano to this type of reel) are designed with both primary and secondary drag systems for fishing with live baits and cut baits.
The lever on the back of the reel is used to engage the secondary drag system creating a free spool that allows the fish to take your bait without feeling the drag.
Once a fish takes the bait and starts its run, simply winding the handle of your reel disengages the secondary drag allowing the primary drag to take over so that you can set the hook.

We also stock Baitcasters. Baitcasting Reels are essentially scaled-down multiplier reels generally used for lure fishing for pike and other freshwater predators. Baitcasters can be round or low profile, popular with some freshwater anglers due to the direct contact between the reel and the lure. Baitcasters have their drawbacks and take a little practice to get used to.
We stock a wide range of Quality Baitrunner and.


Freespool / Bait feeder Reels for Carp, Coarse, and Freshwater Predator fishing, from Okuma, Ron Thompson, DAM, and Jarvis Walker at competitive prices.
Visit our shop to check out the whole range.

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