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Very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, been to a few different tackle shops throughout the UK and never had someone take the time to show me how to properly use the tackle they where selling me.
Highly recommend 👍

Very friendly staff always there to give good advice

Good choice of fishing gear and bait

An excellent and friendly shop. Always willing to give advice and tactics on all areas of the sport.

"This is just a small shop, but the help and advice I received as a complete novice was excellent. My husband has been a trout fisherman for years, but I fancy trying my hand at shore fishing. I've read up a bit on the subject, but am a complete novice and I've not a clue what to buy having never fished in my life.
I was helped to choose a suitable rod and reel for a lady along with a couple of rigs. I was shown the basics of how to use each item and invited to come back if I had any questions. I was even told that if I required someone to come down to the shore and show me what I needed to do, someone would be happy to help. I never felt patronised at any time and it was a delight to shop here.
What a fantastic shop."

"This has to be the best fishing shop in Scotland, the staff have a wealth of experience, and are extremely helpful. Excellent value for money, you won't be ripped off in this shop. Not a snobby know-it-all attitude which you can get in some "ANGLING" shops. We are very lucky to have such a good shop in our area !"

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