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Boat and Kayak Fishing Rods

We stock a wide range of Boat and Kayak Fishing Rods.

For boat fishing on rivers or canals, the rods are very similar to those you would use to fish from the bankside.

For those of you who prefer to do your Sea fishing out in open water rather than fishing from the shore, we have uptide rods and Sea fishing boat rods.

Uptide rods are usually around 9-10ft and are ideal for casting a bait uptide from your boat, these are sturdy rods similar to beach casters but shorter and slightly softer.

Sea Fishing Boat rods are usually 6-8ft long, these rods are generally used for wreck fishing and drift fishing when casting bait is not required.
Sea fishing boat rods come in different strengths for targeting different species.

Kayak Rods
We stock rods specifically designed for kayak fishing, whether you are fishing in rivers, canals or the sea.
Ideally, the rod you choose should be 6-7.5ft long so that when you are playing your fish you can manoeuvre your catch around your kayak.

At Splash Sport Fishing Tackle we have Boat and Kayak rods suitable for use with fixed spool and multiplier reels from well-known brands such as PennRon ThompsonShakespeare, DAM, and many others.

Whether you are Sea fishing for Mackerel, Cod, pollock, or larger species such as Skate, there is a rod to do the job.
Call in at our shop for all the latest additions and deals.

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