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terminal fishing tackle

Terminal Fishing Tackle

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The title Terminal Tackle covers a multitude of items for all types of fishing, any of which you are sure to need.

We have an extensive range of Terminal Tackle for Sea, Coarse and Fly fishing from leading brands, chosen by Quality, strength and durability, at prices to suit all budgets online and in-store.

Whichever is your chosen type of fishing You will need terminal tackle of some type, the most obvious being Hooks.

You will find everything you need. From the smallest Hooks for coarse fishing to Large strong hooks for bigger saltwater species.
There are Snaps, Swivels and Links of all sizes and strengths. We also stock Beads in a wide range of colours and sizes, for rig making and popping up baits, etc.
Weights, from the smallest split-shot for Coarse angling to Heavy weights for Sea fishing from a boat.
There are Floats of all shapes and sizes for all types of Fishing.
Leaders, Heavy mono, shock leaders, Fly Leaders, Fluorocarbon, etc. in a wide range of sizes and suitability for all types of fishing and rig building. We also sell a wide range of pre-tied rigs.

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