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Pike Line and Leaders

We stock a wide range of Pike lines and leaders, choose from monofilament, braids, fluorocarbons and wire biting traces.

For Predator fishing, the appropriate line is a must-have.

You will need a strong line that pike teeth will be unable to bite through, we have a wide selection of fishing lines to accomplish the task.
There are Mainlines, and leaders durable enough to handle a fast run, ferocious bite or snaggy underwater terrain.

Braid lines are incredibly strong as they are made from multiple fibre strands welded together to create a tough line with a small diameter. Braid sinks quickly, perfect for bottom fishing. The drawback is that the braid line is highly visible.

Monofilament lines provide the benefit of stretch, which allows a certain amount of giving and can absorb the strain of an aggressive take and run, by far the cheapest option.

Fluorocarbon blends perfectly into the water as it has the same refractive index making it almost invisible.
Fluorocarbon lines are dense so the sink rate is increased, perfect for fishing with bottom baits.
As a leader, this line is very popular with most anglers.

Biting Traces, these wire traces will stand up to a bite from most pike. Made from coated wire with quality components. Biting traces are perfect for fishing with lures.

We stock a wide range of fishing lines and traces suitable for predator fishing.

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