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a Fishing lure attached to a fishing rod and line

Sea and Coarse Fishing Lures

  • At Splash Sport Fishing Tackle and Bait, you will find a wide range of lures to suit all predator and lure anglers.

  • All our lures are carefully chosen from leading brands, Savage Gear, Tsunami, Ron Thompson and many others.

  • The lures in our range have been rigorously tried and tested under a host of fishing conditions, and offer high performance and value for money.

  • There are several varieties of lures to choose from in a range of colours and materials.

  • All lures are made to imitate baitfish or prey to tempt predatory fish to bite.

  • Some lures attract by colour, the reflective glint of a metal spinner lure may draw the attention of a larger fish.

  • There are soft plastics that produce lifelike swimming movement when drawn through the water, and there are hard lures that are equipped with internal rattles for noise attraction.

  • Whichever type you prefer we have many Sea and Coarse fishing lures and lure fishing accessories to choose from.

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