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fishing rod and reel set up

Fishing Tackle and Accessories

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Experienced angler or new to the sport?.
Here at Splash Sport Fishing Tackle, we have everything you need to help you get the most out of your fishing session.

Fishing Rods
We stock an extensive range of fishing rods in various sizes to suit all fishing disciplines.
Sea Fishing Rods, Beachcaters, Boat rods, Uptide rods, Pier rods, Spinning Rods, LRF and Drop shot rods.
Coarse, Carp and Pike Fishing Rods, Spinning Rods, Float rods, Feeder rods, lure rods, etc. and Fly Fishing rods.

Fishing Reels
We have a huge choice of Fishing reels to cover all types of fishing, Fixed spool Spinning reels in all sizes for coarse fishing, front and rear drag models, Pier fishing, Boat Fishing and Beach casting.
Bait runner reels in a wide range of sizes for Carp, Pike and Predator fishing.
Multipliers for shore and boat fishing, and Fly reels.


Terminal Tackle and Rigs
We stock a huge range of terminal tackle, rig building components and Rigs from leading brands for all of your fishing requirements.


Fishing Line
You will find Monofilament, Braid, and Fluorocarbon in a host of colours and breaking strains to suit all fishing disciplines including Fly lines.


Fishing Lures
Whether you are Sea fishing for Pollock, Cod, Mackerel, etc. Spinning for trout or Coarse fish, Drop shotting, Lrf or fly fishing. We stock Rigs, Soft Lures, Hard Lures, metal lures, artificial baits and so much more.

Fishing Bait

We have an extensive range of quality Frozen baits for Sea, Pike and Predator fishing, and live baits for Sea and Coarse Fishing.


Whatever you need, From Pocket fly boxes, Lure boxes, Tackle bags, Rod holdalls, Bait boxes and bags to Seat boxes, etc. we have lots to choose from.


Whether you are looking for small items such as Bait needles, Forceps, zingers, line nips, scissors, Bank sticks, Bite alarms, or larger items, tripods for your rods, rod pods, Beach shelters, umbrellas, nets, etc. We have accessories for all types of fishing.


We have clothing for all types of weather conditions to keep you warm and dry or shield you from bright sunlight whilst you are fishing.
Jackets, smocks, Bib and Brace, Waders, Fly vests, waterproofs, Hats, Snoods, Sunglasses, Waders, etc.

If you are new to fishing, as experienced anglers we can help you with any questions you may have.
We can advise you on your choice of rods, reels, bait, and where to go for the best chance of making your fishing experience one that counts.
We have a wide range of accessories including clothing to protect you from the elements, Hats and sunglasses for bright sunny days and waders for those of you who want to explore beyond the riverbank.

For the more experienced angler, we have a great deal to choose from for Sea, Coarse, Carp, Pike and Fly Fishing, whether you need to update or renew your equipment or just want to try a new style of fishing.

We understand whether you are experienced or an angling novice getting the best tackle at the right price is important.
Every style of fishing requires something different whether it is a different rod and reel setup or a specific type of fishing line, mono, fluorocarbon or Braid, we have a great selection from leading brands.

We work with our suppliers to bring you the best quality products from Savage, Dam, Greys, Okuma, Berkley, Shimano and many other well-known brands.

We enjoy our fishing and want you to get the most out of your fishing too.

We also sell Day Tickets and Season Permits for local rivers, lochs and angling clubs.

If you are visiting our shop you will find us on hand ready to help you with any questions, and if you are shopping online feel free to use our chat, Facebook messenger, contact us form, WhatsApp or call us.

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