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Boilies Pop-ups and Pellets.

    Boilies are the most popular bait for Carp anglers. Boilies are available in a range of Flavours packed with attractants and nutrients to draw carp into your swim.
    Whichever way you choose to fish boilies, whether you crush them to add to your ground bait, use them as loose baits to entice Carp into your swim, or as hook baits on a hair rig, boilies are incredibly versatile.
    The range of flavours available allows the angler to choose which will be the best bait to use depending on venue and season.

    Pop-ups are another bait that falls into the boilie category. Popup baits are as the name suggests buoyant and can be used as an aid to float your bait just off the bed of whichever venue you are fishing, this is handy for avoiding snags.
    Using popups to float the hook can be advantageous in weedy areas, also you can highlight your hook bait by using a popup.

    Pellets, Carp Pellets are a popular alternative to boilies. Pellets come in a wide range of sizes from 2mm micro pellets to much larger pellets. The size of pellet you will require depends on your target fish.
    Pellets have a high oil content and are packed with nutrients. You can add pellets to your ground bait mix, add them to your feeder, or use them as hook baits. Pellets break down easily and are a favourite with many fish species, so be ready to catch Tench or Barbel as well as carp.

    Whether you are using, Boilies, Pop-ups, or pellets having liquid additives to add to your baits to increase attraction is also a good idea.

    Here at Splash Sport Fishing Tackle, we sell a wide range of Quality Boilies, pop-ups and pellets including artificial forms from Prologic, Crafty Catcher, Peg No1, Dynamite Baits, etc.

    We also stock Accessories, Bait Bowls, Feeders, Boile bags, PVA, etc.
    Check out our range and give yourself the edge at your next session !.

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