Boilies Pop-ups and Pellets.

Here at Splash Sport Fishing Tackle and Bait we sell Quality Boilies, pop-ups and pellets from Crafty Catcher, Peg No1, Dynamite Baits, Cotswold Angling, etc.
Boilies are available in a range of Flavours packed with attractants and nutrients to draw Carp into your swim. Whichever way you choose to fish boilies, whether you crush them to add to your groundbait, use them as loose baits to entice Carp into your swim, or as hook baits on a hair rig, boilies are incredibly versatile.
Pop-ups also come in a range of flavours, these baits are as the name suggests buoyant and can be used as an aid to float your bait just off the bed of whichever venue you are fishing, this is handy for avoiding snags.
Pop-ups come in a range of colous the brighter colours can be used to highlight your baits.
We also sell Carp pellets which are available in a wide range of sizes, pellets are high in oils and proteins, softer than boilies so they break down faster, like boilies you can use pellets in many different ways. Feed loose into your swim, mix with groundbait or as hook baits.
Whether you are using, Boilies, Pop-ups, or pellets having liquid additives to add to your baits to increase attraction is also a good idea.