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Pike-Predator Fishing Lures

    When you are Lure fishing for freshwater predators like pike, perch or zander there are many different types of lures to choose from.

    Your choice will depend on many things, venue, water quality, Seasons, etc.

    Soft Lures.
    Available in a wide variety of sizes weights and swimming action, these lures are manufactured to imitate the natural prey of your chosen species.
    Pike for example will attack almost anything if the conditions are right.
    Soft Shads with large paddle tails move well producing body roll, vibration and noise, these lures often attract aggressive strikes from large fish. Soft lures with more natural body and tail shapes such as swim shads or eels with curl tails have a more subtle action and can be fished in clear, cold or heavy pressure water conditions.

    Hard-body lures, Plugs and Crankbaits.
    These lures are also available in a wide range of sizes, weights and actions.
    Fishing plugs and crankbaits, surface or diving can be used all year round, most of these baits contain internal rattle beads to create noise and vibration.
    Use a swim and jerk action with plugs and crankbaits especially in cold water conditions, reel and pause to create attraction for the best presentation to encourage an aggressive take from a resting pike.

    These are the least natural-looking of all lures. The fact that they look nothing like a fish makes them a good summer lure when water temperatures are higher. You will need to fish spinners fast through the water especially if you have clear water conditions, pike are likely to strike fast based on the noise and vibrations given off by your spinner, rather than having the time to inspect the bait you have presented them with.

    We stock a wide selection of predator lures for all water conditions, Brands such as Nomura, Savage Gear, Dam, and Tsunami and other quality branded lures.
    We also sell frozen pike-predator baits in our shop.

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