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Fly Fishing Accessories

    We stock a range of Tools and Accessories to make your life easier when you are going for a fly fishing session.


    Tools such as priests, Forceps, Line nips and zingers are amongst the essential items along with floatants, sinkants, line cleaners, cast carriers, etc.

    Our range of tools are all suitable for attaching to a retractable zinger, this makes having the items you require at short notice easy to reach, use and put away without losing them.

    We stock a wide selection of Bags suitable for the roving fly angler, to easily carry your tackle as you move along the bank.

    We sell nets of various sizes and shapes. A good quality net is a must, we have Flip nets which are ideal for one-handed use, these nets have a belt clip for convenient access. We also have Folding nets with extendable handles, perfect when you need to reach further than arm's length to land your fish.


    Waders for the angler who likes to get further into the water. Fly vests with plenty of pockets to hold fly boxes, tools and spare reels. Hats with large brims and sunglasses to shield your eyes from bright sunshine.
    And so much more from Berkley, Dam, Shakespeare, Abu and Ron Thompson amongst other well-known brands.

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