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Carp and Coarse Bait Accessories

    We have a range of Bait tools and accessories for Carp and Coarse fishing.

    From small baiting accessories such as boilie drills and kits to pellet bands and Banders, and ready-made rigs, hooks to nylon with boilie stops and bands, etc.
    The last thing you want is to be sat by the bank without the appropriate rigs or the tools to tie special rigs with.
    We also have bait boxes to store your live baits, maggots and worms, Baitbowls and buckets for storing and mixing your ground bait.
    Our luggage range includes waterproof pouches and thermal bait bags for transporting your baits.
    PVA products, feeders, feeder moulds, artificial baits, syringes, popups, Floats and biting traces.

    Whatever your needs we have Bait tools and accessories from well-known brands such as Prologic, Middy, Band-It, Savage, NGT and more.

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