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Fishing Rigs and Traces

Fishing Rigs and Traces
We Stock a range of pre-tied fishing rigs and traces from Tsunami, Seatech, NGT, VMC, Kamasan and more.
Pre-tied rigs are perfect for busy anglers who want to spend less time tying rigs by the water and more time catching fish.
We also sell a range of custom made bait rigs suitable for the shore angler.

Ready-Made Rigs
Our ready-made rigs are useful for anglers who have less experience with knot tying. Ready-made rigs offer the angler confidence, knowing the correct measurements have been used combined with quality line and components.

Mackerel Feathers
You will find a broad selection of patterns, tied with quality mono and components for the popular sport of mackerel fishing in the summer months.
We also sell heavy mono and wire rigs for Conger Eels and larger fish species.

Rig Tying
If you prefer to tie your favourite precision rigs we have a wide range of terminal tackle for tying a range of different types of rigs for fishing for various fish species.

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