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Sea Fishing Terminal Tackle

Sea Fishing Terminal tackle is at the business end of your fishing gear.

Hooks are the obvious aspect of your terminal gear, without them you are not going to catch.
At Splash Sport Fishing Tackle we stock hooks from brands such as Tsunami, Kamasan, and Sakuma, in various patterns for different fish species.
You can choose from Circle, long shank, baitholders, etc. All of our Sea fishing hooks are manufactured to withstand saltwater corrosion.

We stock pre-tied rigs and a wide range of rig components for those of you who prefer to tie your rigs to your specifications.

You will find quality rig components, clips, booms, beads, links, swivels, etc. from Gemini, Tsunami, Breakaway, Sakuma, Shakespeare and other popular brands.

We also have a wide range of weights, plain, sliding, and grip leads for shore and boat fishing.

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