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fly fishing tackle at the waters edge

Fly Fishing Gear

We stock a range of Tackle and accessories for Fly Fishing for Salmon and Trout.

Our Rods and Reels are chosen from leading brands such as Greys, Ron Thompson, Shakespeare, and many other well-known brands.

All our fly rods and reels are available in a range of sizes and actions to suit beginners and experienced anglers alike.

We also have Fly fishing combos which are ideal for those starting fly fishing on a budget.

You will find a wide selection of Fly lines, Leaders, Fly boxes, nets, waders, and other accessories.

Flies of course are crucial to fly fishing and we stock a large and varied selection (currently in-store only).

If you are looking for Fly Fishing Gear that we have not yet listed online, contact us with your requirements.

At Splash Sport Fishing Tackle, Ardrossan. we also sell Day Tickets and Season permits for local waters in-store.

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