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Sea, Coarse and Fly Fishing Reels

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Here at Splash Sport Fishing Tackle and Bait, we have an extensive range of Fishing Reels for all types of Fishing at prices to suit all budgets online and in-store.

Whether you prefer to fish with Fixed Spool / Spinning reels, Multipliers, Baitcaster reels or Baitrunners we have lots to choose from.

We sell quality Spinning Reels from well-known brands in all sizes for Sea Fishing and Coarse angling, choose from front drag or Rear drag models.

For those of you who prefer Carp and Pike fishing, we also have a wide selection of Baitrunner /free-spool reels, in a range of sizes and prices.

If you are a sea angler looking for a quality Multiplier reel we have reels for Shore and Boat Fishing.

For Fly anglers, we sell Fly reels for Trout and Salmon fishing.  

We also stock a range of great Rod and Reel Combo deals for all types of fishing at prices that won't break the bank.

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