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Tackle Boxes and Bags

Ever stuck your hand in your bag of all things fishing and got caught on a hook or tangled in a loose fishing rig?. Or dropped your precious rods and reels on your way to your fishing venue?

Being organised. Know where all your hooks, lines and lures are when you need them. Keep your rods and reels safely tucked away in bags, boxes and quivers.
Organising your fishing gear will take a lot of stress out of your fishing trip.

We stock a range of tackle boxes, Lure boxes to keep your artificial baits in. Seat Boxes for storing larger items, and smaller boxes for items such as hooks and other terminal tackle.

We also have a wide selection of Tackle Bags, Cool bags, Bait bags, Rod holdalls, quivers, rig wallets and reel pouches to keep your fishing gear safe in transit.

Our Sea Fishing luggage range is sourced from popular brands that produce quality hardwearing Bags and boxes specifically designed for sea fishing, including Imax, Shakespeare, Abu Garcia, Ron Thompson, Dam.

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